vTC3 – Virtual Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Target Audience: General Audience

Company: Real Response

Description: vTC3 teaches Army medics about decision making when providing casualty care during combat. It uses VR on a standalone headset to provide learners with a ‘combat casualty care’ experience, where they must provide care under fire, tactical field care, and tactical evacuation care. The experience plays to the strengths of VR by allowing users to practice their decision making in an immersive, safe environment. Advanced biometrics track the users stress throughout the experience, allowing customized
experiences for each learner depending on stress levels, as well as advanced analytics at the end of the game which aligns stress levels with the decisions made.

Skills and Ideas Taught: All of the decisions made during Care under fire (CUF) and Tactical field care (TFC).
– Danger
– Response
– Catastrophic Hemorrhage
– Airway
– Respiration
– Circulation
Including all associated treatments.

Goal: To provide care under fire and tactical field care for a civilian who has been shot until evacuation arrives.

Primary Audience: Combat First Aid/Army Medics

Assessment Approach: The game focuses on the decision making rather than motor skills associated with these scenarios. The player is free to treat the patient as they see fit, and this is presented at the end of the scenario along with their stress levels for debriefing by an instructor.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System: HTC Vive Focus 3