VR Blue Springs

Target Audience: General Audience

Company: University of Central Florida

Description: VR Blue Springs is a game that lets you wander the park virtually and collect cards that give information about the park to be added to your scrapbook. You can fly around to find the cards at points of interest. Scattered throughout are points of interest, manatees to swim with, gazebos, the park statue, etc.

Skills and Ideas Taught: Aspects of how the Blue Springs ecosystem and the park operate, along with the history of the area.

Goal: To encourage people to learn more about Blue Springs state park and hopefully spark interest in visiting the park in person.

Assessment Approach: There isn’t a test of what the player has learned, the scrapbook keeps track of what number of cards they have found though.

Game Engine: Unreal

Operating Systems: Quest 2 / Oculus Rift

Primary Audience: People 12-18 years old.