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By Advanced Distributed Learning Co-Lab

Government Category








2011 Finalist



Skills and Ideas Taught:  Players will clearly identify vocabulary words in their career field, define and understand them, and enhance their skill with them.

Goal or Challenge:  The goal of these games is to provide the player an approachable opportunity to practice vocabulary contained in the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Glossary.

Primary Audience:  Entry-level Government acquisition personnel.

Assessment Approach:  Points in the game are recorded as an ability score. As ability increases the player’s skill level increases as well.

Description:  The Vocabulary Challenge series of games covers vocabulary from five areas of DAU’s curriculum including acquisition, logistics, business cost & finance, systems engineering and contracting. Each quiz game provides a fast paced drill and practice environment in which a student’s ability is displayed as well as constant rewards for doing well that include celebrations, score, score multipliers, and a gauge of current skill.

Game Engine:  Adobe Flash

Operating System:  Windows (Browser-based)

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None