Virtual Walking the Pens

By ForgeFX

Business Category







2010 Finalist


Skills and Ideas Taught:  Treating pigs individually instead of mass medicating water supplies or feed supplies yields a healthier barn and more profit for the farmer.

Goal or Challenge:  Players must raise a barn of healthy pigs and earn the most amount of profit possible.

Primary Audience:  Agriculture community.

Assessment Approach:  Each pig is worth a certain amount of money per pound of pig. The healthier the pigs are the more profit is earned. If the player has questions about the pigs health or how to treat different problems that occur in pig barns they can use the virtual veterinarian and get feedback on what to do next.  The actions taken on the 24 virtual pigs are projected across a barn of 2,400 pigs and their cash profit is displayed.

Description:  Virtual Walking the Pens is a 3D computer-based training simulation system that allows users to play the role of a virtual pig farmer.  The key message communicated is: Identification and treatment of individual pigs is a task that saves lives and earns profit. The simulation lets players directly experience how the first two weeks are the key period in the wean-to-finish cycle.

Game Engine: Adobe Shockwave

Operating System:  Windows

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None