Virtual Attain
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By RealTime Immersive, Inc.

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Skills and Ideas Taught:  Enhance your situational awareness in hostile environments by taking individual skills previously learned from real world environments and putting them into practice in a simulated team environment.

Goal or Challenge: Take the multiple dismounted operations skills you have previously learned and put them into practice while gaining additional knowledge through a virtual mission experience. To recognize and correctly identify as many of the hidden potential threats and suspicious interest points as possible during the patrol mission. Make critical decisions during high pressure time limited situations.

Primary Audience:  Any dismounted soldier.

Assessment Approach:

  • Immediate feedback through the Observation Marking System, including the number of correctly identified hot spots.
  • Post mission feedback in the After Action Review, displaying additional information about threats and suspicious interest points during playback.
  • Designed to work in collaboration with instructor-based performance evaluations utilizing the After Action Review and video recording feature.

Description: Perform a dismounted security patrol in an Afghanistan village to gather intel. You will travel with your fellow squad mates through the center of town marking possible suspicious objects and human behaviors, and gaining immediate feedback using the Observation Marker System.Identify seven interest points as you progress down the road while maintaining close proximity to your squad mates. Once the mission is complete, gain additional feedback and review your decisions with the After Action Review function.Virtual Attain is a derivative application of CryENGINE solutions currently being used by the US Air Force and US Special Operations Command.

Game Engine: CryENGINE

Operating System:  Windows

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None