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Description:  Vetor is a game where the player controls Victoria, a rookie doctor in a secret government organization that prevents and fights big disease epidemics. The game is a Visual Novel / Real Time Strategy hybrid, with segments where the player can learn about important topics concerning public health and epidemic prevention, and also fight the diseases in a strategic environment.

Skills and Ideas Taught: Public health strategies and contagious disease prevention

Goal or Challenge: Help prevent the disease epidemics in some major cities of Brazil and also find out the identity of a biohazard terrorist that may be involved in these epidemics in some way.

Primary Audience: 17 to 29 years

Assessment Approach: The topics are explored in various environments through the story, and are tested in quiz segments. The same knowledge is then put to practice in the real time strategy segments, where the player has to take the correct actions to prevent the disease from spreading and eradicate it.

Game Engine: Unity 3D

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Platform: PC

Special Hardware:  None