Vector Unknown: Echelon Seas

Category: Student

Company: Arizona State University

Description: In Vector Unknown: Echelon Seas, learners are stranded on an island and complete different types of linear algebra puzzles to recover the pieces to their ship.

Skills and Ideas Taught: Learners are taught to visualize vectors in 2D and 3D space, understand linear combinations of vectors, solve vector equations, matrix multiplication, and spans of vectors.

Goal: The overall goal is to rebuild your ship by mastering various aspects of linear algebra. Stage by stage the challenges are compartmentalized to specific exercises in learning those aspects.

Primary Audience: 16+ The game is all ages, but the concepts and math may be better suited for high school and college students.

Assessment Approach: Every stage keeps track of player’s best times and progress on any difficulty. The player is rewarded for initially completing a stage/difficulty with a in-game asset to their ship, however, they may also replay those levels and achieve better scores or in fewer moves.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System: Windows 10, Web