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Skills and Ideas Taught:  The primary idea taught through the game is that when you consider the monthly amount of money made by a person working minimum wage and factor in their bills, it’s pretty much impossible to miss a day of work. The game aims to build empathy for the millions of people that live this scenario out every day.

Goal or Challenge:  Each level of the game has a set of food orders that must be prepared in a timely manner. Completing each day gives the player money which must be used to pay their bills. The overarching objective is to survive for a month while sick and making minimum wage.

Primary Audience:  US citizens that are able to vote and dine out at restaurants.

Assessment Approach:  Ultimately, a player of the game that tweets at the National Restaurant Association for paid sick leave legislation has been converted into an advocate for the cause. Further evaluation with surveys would more accurately be able to assess a player’s change in opinion on paid sick day legislation.

Description:  Ever wonder what it’s like to have a sickness you’re forced to work through? Unsavory let’s you experience the world of restaurant work without paid sick days. You’ll push your body to the limit in order to make ends meet in the challenging unforgiving world of the fast food industry. Complete orders with lightning speed and wipe that snot away, you’ve got money to make! Just don’t contaminate the food.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System:  iOSAndroid

Platform:  Mobile

Special Hardware:  None