U.S. Army STARS: Elements


By Army Game Studio, Software Engineering Directorate


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Description:  STARS: Elements helps students learn and visualize the foundations of chemistry through interactive models, games, and challenges.

Skills and Ideas Taught: The interactive Periodic Table shows the periodic table and information about each of the elements. Atom Builder shows the atomic structures of the elements. STARS Challenge reviews the players’ knowledge of elements and bonding. Smashbond teaches basic molecular bonding based on the Octet Rule by creating ionic and covalent bonds.

Goal or Challenge: Each of the four main areas (Periodic Table, Atom Builder, STARS Challenge, and Smashbond) have different goals.

The interactive periodic table allows players to explore the different areas of the table including periodic table blocks, periods and groups, as well as the information for each of the individual elements. The Atom Builder is designed to allow players to build, manipulate, and visualize atoms in 3D for exploration, discovery and learning.

The goal of the STARS Challenge is to receive five stars by successfully answering 10 challenge questions. These questions test the students’ knowledge of the periodic table information.

The goal of Smashbond is to help students learn the Octet Rule by creating molecular bonds by matching tiles on the gameboard. The player is given a set number of “moves” to earn enough points to promote them to the next level. They are given bonus objectives that will give them extra points.

Primary Audience: High school chemistry students (15 and up) and teachers

Assessment Approach: In the STARS Challenge, the students can receive up to five stars for answering all the questions correctly. Smashbond awards points based on the player creating the correct molecular bonds and allows players to level up.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System: Web, iOS, Android

Platform: iPad

Special Hardware:  None