Tuyu Tuyu

By American University

Student Category

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Description: Tuyu Tuyu will build skills to stop verbal bullying among children 9 – 15 years old. Through The gameplay in a 2D branching narrative game, a single player will be exposed to situations of bullying where he or she must choose an assertive, aggressive or passive option as an action to stop bullying. The Game supports curriculum programs created with educational content related to aggression among scholars.

Skills and Ideas Taught:

•Identify an aggression.

•Learn what is the best option against an aggression

•Build a bystander who helps to stop an aggression using assertive choices.

Goal or Challenge: The goal of the game is to help children to understand the effective way to stop an aggression, how to identify a situation and what’s the role she must play through decisions, based on a situation where they are involved as a bystander.

Primary Audience:  9 – 15 years old

Assessment Approach: This demonstration version of the game has three main levels and two of facial recognition. In the main levels, the player assumes the bystander’s role. After a dialogue between the three characters, the player must decide the next steps for his or her character. Each choice puts the player in a situation where the decision made was with aggression, passive or assertive actions. When the wrong choices are made, the next phase in the level is getting worse and the player must fix it through the gameplay.

Game Engine: Unity 3D

Operating System: PC and Mac

Platform: PC

Special Hardware: None