Tootin Pooches

By SVAD/Limbitless

Student Category

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The game was originally made for Indie Galactic Space Jam. The controls are simple: use the analog stick to move and the trigger to charge your fart. Two teams have to grab the ball and bring it back to their goal. An Xbox controller was originally used, but it is possible to use an Arduino EMG controller to trigger the farts instead.

Skills and Ideas Taught: There is a sense of teamwork that is learned when working together to bring the ball back to your goal. In addition, since the player moves faster by farting, flexing is required. People using the Arduino controllers will learn how to exercise their muscles.

Goal or Challenge: The goal is to work with your team to bring a ball back to your goal, while trying to stop the other team from doing so.

Primary Audience: The primary audience are people, namely children, learning how to use bionic arms from Limbitless Solutions.

Assessment Approach: The game has a scoring system, so those who are more skilled at knocking the ball out of other dogs’ mouths will have a better score.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System: Windows

Platform: PC

Special Hardware: Custom Arduino EMG Sensor Controllers