• Novonics Corporation has been a proud sponsor and evaluator for the Serious Game Showcase and Challenge since its inception. It’s remarkable how the number of entries and quality of the Serious Games have increased over the last five years. The innovative ideas of the student entries are especially exciting. Our sponsorship helps to support awards for category winners and provides Novonics Corporation a great venue to align ourselves with our goal of providing innovative training solutions. Looking forward to continued sponsorship of this outstanding event.
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  • MS&T magazine, and its publishers Halldale Media, are keen to continue their support of the Serious Games Showcase at I/ITSEC 2011. Games are a critical component of training and education plans for the future as we deal with an increasingly technology dependent workforce. This applies to our military as well as our schools and other industries and user groups. We began a serious focus on the use of games for training about 6 years ago and have since then helped spread the message to new user groups and those of a more traditional training mind – we will continue to do so and support the Serious Games Showcase in its effort to propagate this highly cost effective method of training.
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  • Being a part of this experience has been quite rewarding on many levels. The enthusiasm is contagious and it’s inspiring to see the number of people who value this form of education.
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