By North Carolina State University


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2010 Finalist


Skills and Ideas Taught: Terraform teaches basic knowledge of chemistry including phase changes, compound composition, and periodic symbols for elements.

Goal or Challenge:  Players must complete chemistry-based puzzles to terraform Planet X and gain humanity a new home. The challenge exists in figuring out which compound will solve each puzzle.

Primary Audience:  Anyone who wishes to expand or test their knowledge of chemistry, especially high school and college students.

Assessment Approach:  The player’s learning is not measured by any statistic or data in the game itself, but is instead quantified by the player’s progress in the game. As the player gains access to new areas and solves more puzzles, they are inadvertently expanding their knowledge of chemistry. The player’s drive to explore and proceed will ultimately lead to a greater understanding of the concepts presented.

Description:  Terraform places the player in the future year of 1973 where the Earth is dying and the plyerer has been recruited to make a journey to the mysterious Planet X in an effort to gain humanity a new home. Before journey begins, they must prepare by viewing a recording of the last Terraform effort. Armed with the high-tech ADaM gun, players must combine basic elements into compounds to solve puzzles that will prepare Planet X for humanity.

Game Engine: Unreal Development Kit

Operating System:  Windows

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None