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By Army Research Laboratory / HRED – STTC

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Description: TC3Sim, is a serious game developed to teach and reinforce the concepts of Tactical Combat Casualty Care. TC3Sim uses story-driven scenarios to teach and evaluate a student’s knowledge of the essential tactics, techniques and procedures required of an Army Combat Medic or Combat Life Saver. Each scenario in TC3sim is a short, goal-oriented training exercise that provides the context to train a group of key tasks within a specific mission. These key tasks include the ability to assess casualties, perform triage, provide initial treatment, and prepare a casualty for evacuation under battlefield conditions. TC3Sim supports modes where each user may select from a predetermined list of roles and avatars. Players can choose to be a Combat Lifesaver or a Combat Medic and have access to different interactions based on their role. TC3Sim also incorporates a variety of instructional development strategies to support a student’s need to master a variety of medical competencies, and to apply them in unique situations.

Skills and Ideas Taught: Various cognitive skills of triage, treatment, US Army medical procedures, and situational awareness of safety on the battlefield (care under fire).

Goal or Challenge: To assure that you appropriately triage casualties and perform the appropriate medical interventions to ensure they do not die and are evacuated from the battlefield.

Primary Audience: US Army Combat Medic candidates or soldiers training to be Combat Life Savers, typically over 18 years old.

Assessment Approach: A GO/NO GO evaluation is made of a significant number of critical measures that match to cognitive competencies defined by the TC8-800 US Army medical training guidelines.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System: Web

Platform: PC – Chrome Browser

Special Hardware: None