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By Alelo Inc.


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2007 Best Serious Game


Skills and Ideas Taught:  Iraq language and cultural.

Goal or Challenge:  Players advance by correctly speaking to and behaving with computer-generated, intelligent virtual humans.

Primary Audience:  US military members

Assessment Approach:  If the virtual humans trust the trainee, they cooperate and provide the answers needed to advance. Otherwise, they become uncooperative and prevent the trainee from reaching the end and “winning”.

Description:  Tactical Iraqi is a 3-D game where players learn Iraq language and cultural awareness by simulating real-life social communications involving spoken dialogs and cultural protocols.  Lessons focus on skills relevant to common, everyday situations and tasks.  Cultural awareness covers non-verbal gestures and norms of politeness and etiquette that are most critical to communicate successfully.

Game Engine:  Unknown

Operating System:  Windows

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  Headset microphone