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By KTM Advance

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2011 Finalist



Skills and Ideas Taught:  Players learn about and gain a sense of belonging in the Suez Environment Group.

Goal or Challenge:  Players take on the role of a Suez ambassador in charge of solving different problems surrounding waste and water in cities around the world.

Primary Audience:  New employees in Suez Environment Group.

Assessment Approach:  Players are scored on their success in a mission and the approach they take to solving problems.

Description:  Ambassador is a builder management game based on the Suez Environment’s business approach.  Through various missions, the player manages, builds and develops an environmental performance system model for water and waste management of a city while understanding the Suez Group, its professions, areas of expertise, waste and water cycles, commitments and sustainable development actions.

Game Engine:  Flash

Operating System:  Windows (Web delivered)

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None