Sound Scouts

By cmee4 Productions Pty Ltd

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Skills and Ideas Taught:  Good listening skills are encouraged.

Goal or Challenge: The goal of the game is to detect hearing loss in the players. Children are challenged to listen carefully for the audio stimuli, their ability to hear/listen determines their results.

Primary Audience:  Parents, schools and hearing specialists; the children play the game but the caregivers are the target audience

Assessment Approach: As the players (children) progress through the narrative driven game their hearing abilities are measured and tracked. Their ability to understand the instructions and progress through the phases of the game provides a clear measure of their hearing ability and spatial processing.

Description:Sound Scouts; a game played by children to assess their hearing The game is played on a mobile tablet with headphones. Parents or caregivers supervise their children playing as the game surreptitiously tests their hearing. Created in partnership with the National Acoustic Laboratories Sounds Scouts incorporates several advanced scientific principles that enable it to detect a range of hearing problems. But while Sound Scouts is based on science it’s the game play that engages the child helping to secure a valid hearing test result. Sound Scouts; a playful, mobile solution to provide hearing screening to all children starting school.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System:  Windows 7, Windows 8, iOS, Android

Platform: Mobile

Special Hardware:  Tablet and Head Phones