The SGS&C Special Emphasis category is open to entries that address a serious challenge or problem using a prescribed technology or technique.  This year’s Special Emphasis is on games that use social media crowdsourcing as a multi-player opportunity for peer learning and distributed problem-solving. 

We are looking for games that use social media to create learner engagement, reflection, and action! The idea is to use social media to scale gameplay to include large groups of people (even thousands!), all contributing to individual and collective learning experiences. For example, games in this category might create a conversation on a topic to help players solve puzzles in a serious game. Social media inputs to gameplay could also include results from polls, feedback, videos, links—just about anything you can imagine being part of a serious game. 

This year we invite entrants to submit their solutions for using social media crowdsourcing as a multiplayer opportunity for peer learning.  Whether for middle and high school, university, defense, or industry, your innovative solution is welcome!