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Description:  Robonaut uses simplified top-down space navigation to simulate asteroid mining with a remote drone. With a look inspired by Keplar satellite images, Robonaut challenges players to locate realistically rendered and lit asteroids and utilize a probe attachment to dislodge minerals which they collect with their robonaut. The payload’s revenue counter shows the player the content break-down and monetary value of their payload in real-time, using researched estimates.

By summarizing distances, quantities, and mining time the player can focus on the challenge of realistic space maneuvering while being made aware of the massive potential economic impact of asteroid mining.

Skills and Ideas Taught: The game teaches coordination, maneuvering, and navigating in space.

Goal or Challenge:   The goal of the game is to pilot the robonaut drone as effectively as possible to locate and mine asteroids within the time limit.

Primary Audience:  15-18 years olds

Assessment Approach:  The better the player can maneuver and avoid being lost, the more mineral value they can collect by the end of the time limit.

Game Engine: Unity 5

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Platform: PC

Special Hardware:  None