Target Audience: General Audience

Company: Filament Games

Description: RoboCo is a sandbox game about designing and building robots to serve the needs of human in the world of tomorrow.

Skills and Ideas Taught: Learning through RoboCo fosters interest in and affinity towards STEM. Learn how to tackle future-facing skills such as critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration…ultimately leading to engineering and coding literacy.

Goal: The goal of RoboCo is for players to use a menu of parts like pistons, gears, servo motors, and blocks to design and build unique robots. Players use their robots to conquer complex challenges that foster creative problem solving and design thinking. They experiment with engineering concepts like torque, velocity, rotation, and acceleration while iterating on their designs.

Primary Audience: Ages 12+

Assessment Approach: A game-wide time & budget system facilitates additional engineering constraints and a deeper scoring system that has already been used to great effect in RoboCo competitions. With this system we enabled the game to assess the player’s robot designs in terms of expediency (how quickly did the robot complete the objectives?), affordability (did the overall cost of the robot stay below a certain threshold?), and utility/effectiveness (did the robot complete the main and sub-objectives without collateral damage to itself, humans, or property?).

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 11 and VR