Quality Tycoon
qual tycoon

By Northrop Grumman

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2011 People’s Choice Winner


Skills and Ideas Taught:  Players learn that quality is everyone’s job. If the quality is there the profits will follow.

Goal or Challenge:  Players must bring an emerging aerospace company from humble beginnings to a trusted, go-to aerospace contractor.  They must overcome the business challenges with a focus on quality and ethical integrity.

Primary Audience:  Northrop Grumman’s employees, suppliers, and contractors.

Assessment Approach:  Financial performance data is generated for each turn, and players are graded on quality and timeliness for every contract fulfilled for every client. In addition, critical thinking questions are presented to players every turn.

Description:  Quality Tycoon is a serious game that teaches Northrop Grumman quality policy concepts in a fun and engaging way. Through game play the player internalizes company values on how each and every job contributes to bottom line performance.  It accomplishes this by creating a fictitious aerospace company, NorthStar Aviation, staged in the early 1940’s. Players must grow the company by making sound business decisions. Players balance cash, customer satisfaction, and employee morale as key elements for company success. As players traverse the decades they grow the company to a go-to solutions provider with a constant eye on quality.

Game Engine:  Play First

Operating System:  Windows

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None