Project Desal


By Monkeystack


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Skills and Ideas Taught:  Players are taught the end to end desalination process which ours state’s water goes through. They must listen/read information about each plant component then use their understanding to determine each component’s relationship to another, and thus the order these components need to be in. Players use listening, reading, logic and problem solving skills to complete the game via touchscreen gestures.

Goal or Challenge:  To use information that you have learned about the desalination process to recreate the SA Water Desalination plant as quickly as possible.

Primary Audience:  Australia – Lower Secondary Students (Middle / Junior High)

Assessment Approach:  Players are presented with up to eleven ‘trophies’ based on their playing style; several different combinations are possible to encourage students to play again on-site or at home on their iPads.  Players are also awarded a score at the conclusion of the game.
After an optional tutorial, players ‘test’ the plant they’ve constructed. The test screen lets the player know how close they are to completion by breaking the desalination process into stages. The character’s response is further customized based on which component specifically is required next in the chain.

Description:  Project Desal teaches children about the desalination process South Australia’s water goes through from ocean to tap. Players learn about the role of each component of the desalination plant, then place components in the correct order before testing their completed plant. Points are awarded for players who complete the plant quickly and with minimal attempts, with bonuses for those who read all of the component descriptions and discover bonus facts.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System:  iOS

Platform:  iPad

Special HardwareNone