Target Audience: Government

Company: TiER1 Performance

Description: Procurify introduces gamified interactive learning as an alternative to traditional lecture style training. The introduction of interactive learning applies to multiple learning styles increasing retention and application of objectives. During the 30-minute Procurify training module, Contract Specialists, are given simulated scenarios and situations based on real-life events and asked how to respond. This
style of learning forces a deeper knowledge of the materials as Contract Specialists apply contracting knowledge to the simulated scenarios learning the procurement process.

Skills and Ideas Taught: The user works through a basic buy procurement ensuring all the necessary documents are present and the information in the documents matches the requirements and isn’t missing. The game reinforces training previously received allowing the user to gain experience putting their training into practice.

Goal: The challenge is to get a fictional contract awarded starting at requirements review and ending with award. The goal is to earn an “A” score by catching and correcting all the errors in the documents.

Primary Audience: Army Contract Specialist / Army Contracting Office

Assessment Approach: Each action the user takes impacts their overall score. During the after action review they are presented with their score and can earn different “trophies” based on how well they did.

Game Engine: WebGL

Operating System: Web