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Skills and Ideas Taught:  PREP-AR teaches basic first aid procedures for treating a variety of injuries. The player’s smart device acts as an “injury scanner” and will supply a visual representation and textual description of the injury. Given the visual injury, the player will sequence given tools/procedures/steps/etc. provided to discover/identify the proper procedure. Furthermore, tips and other information attached to items in the med-kit further provide ways to generalize information to be used in real world situations.

Goal or Challenge:  The goal of PREP-AR is to make learning first-aid interesting; to make players want to learn by leveraging cool, yet cost-effective, new technology and intrinsically rewarding discovery and participation. The ultimate goal is to save a life, by providing effective learning experiences players can generalize into real life skills. We have picked the most common injuries that, if users have opted to learn more about through the power of play, when treated quickly and properly could make all the difference during a critical situation.

Primary Audience:  Target audience is general public, 12 years and up. We consider this application a “first-aid manual come to life” and appropriate for any classroom teaching this level of anatomy.

Assessment Approach:  Accuracy, proper order of treatment steps and speed are the data points measured to determine success and improvement. Tips, information and links to online coursework are also present and can be measured by number of clicks and/or views.

Description:  PREP-AR is an immersive, hands-on first-aid training and instruction game that takes advantage of Augmented Reality (AR) technology.  By scanning AR markers, easily printed by consumer printers, the player has the opportunity to search and discover injuries that appear superimposed onto one’s physical body.  Armed with a virtual med-kit, the player applies on-screen tools with interactive feedback to properly treat injuries.  Taking action quickly and in the correct order is key to obtaining a high score.  PREP-AR offers accessible and cost effective instruction using state of the art game-based technology as well as proven methods to interest and engage players.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System:  Android

Platform:  Mobile

Special Hardware:  None