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Skills and Ideas Taught:  PlatinuMath is aligned with the Math Common Core Standards for elementary students. The game covers six key math topics: place value; ratio and proportion; operations with fractions; operations with decimals; linear relationships; and properties of triangles and quadrilaterals.

Goal or Challenge:  Players must help Regina solve the mysterious disappearance of her uncle, the brilliant mathematician, Professor Roger Alabaster Carlyle. The player must defeat zombies by solving a series of mathematical problems that will give her clues for rescuing Professor Carlyle.

Primary Audience:  Preservice elementary teachers.

Assessment Approach:  College instructors and players have quick access to understandable data through the PlatinuMath easy-to-use dashboard. The dashboard allows sorting of performance data by student, minigame, item analysis, and mastery level. Learning is measured through player level achievement and time on task. Field testing includes pre and post testing for concept understanding.

Description:  PlatinuMath is a suite of 20 mini-games designed to strengthen the conceptual and procedural mathematics know ledge of preservice elementary teachers, many of whom lack the mathematical understanding required to teach math. PlatinuMath is a narrative-based adventure game w ith Steampunk art, 3D animation, and live video.  All computer-adapted mini-games are scaffolded into 6 levels of difficulty. Additional learning lessons provide more explicit explanations of the topics.

Game Engine:  Impactjs

Operating System:  Windows (Web delivered), MacOS, iOS

Platform:  Personal computer, iPad

Special Hardware:  None