Planet Jockey Leadership

By EI Games LLC

Business Category

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Planet Jockey is an online leadership simulation game that prepares students and corporate learners for positions of leadership in the 21st century business environment. The game, a real world simulation, provides practical and effective ways for them to lead through the confidence in and application of ethical, emotionally intelligent and diversity sensitive leadership practices.

The game is written as a narrative; an engaging and increasingly complex story line. We insisted on high production quality for the very discerning millennial audience, with brevity of words and ample use of videography. Throughout, they hear voice of the founder, offering supportive explanation for the reasoning behind each dilemma’s outcome. At the same time, animations are quirky and endearing with a goal to make everyone who plays comfortable, engaged and emotionally rewarded.

Skills and Ideas Taught: The concepts generosity of spirit, empathy and a focus on others is the basis of the conceptual design. The cornerstone of the game is a leadership principle we call “buoyancy”. (It’s the subject outlined in our founder’s book, “The Case of the Missing Cutlery” a treatise on the power of emotional intelligence in leadership).

Beyond this, all of our games directly address increased skill levels and experience within a wide range of emotional intelligence

characteristics, including:

• Inspired Communication
• Permission to Experiment
• Customer-Centricity
• Generosity of Spirit

Goal or Challenge: The fundamental and far-reaching learning outcome is the understanding and application of emotional intelligent and ethical business practices and the recognition they are proven more effective than any other form. The game objective is not to achieve the typical, i.e. stock price, or financial accumulation, but how able the player is to amass a following. The emphasis is not on the theoretical, but readying each player to be equipped to apply these skills in a practical commercial setting

Primary Audience: Corporate Employees and University Students

Assessment Approach: Each player faces a five level leadership journey with scenarios based on the experiences of EI Games’ founder as well as real global CEOs and executives interviewed during the creation of the game. The player must decide on the emotionally intelligent approach to the situation and win the greatest amount of following points as a demonstration of their leadership practices.

Probably the most exciting aspect of the EI Games platform beyond the training is the instructors and administrator’s portal, housing rich data on the performance of each and every player in the game experience. We assist in tracking individual performance, indicating areas of strength and needs, which can connect with other learning platforms to supplement the needs we have identified. Beyond this, is the ability to track aggregate performance, by cohort, to understand further training and develop needs and potential course and engagement design.

Game Engine: N/A

Operating System: Web

Platform: PC

Special Hardware: None