Category: Business

Company: IDEA Games

Description: OtherWordly is a word association game, with missing letters, and complex obstacles, which boosts players inactive vocabulary.

Skills and Ideas Taught: OtherWordly plays with the meanings of words (not spelling). The game supports literacy and critical thinking by: 1)Tapping into inactive vocabulary (words students kind of know); 2) Boosting confidence/excitement with English language; 3) Analyzing and discerning words and clues. 4) Practicing having a longer attention span; 5) Showing words in context (collocations, literary excerpts); and 6) Practicing creative thinking about synonyms and relations.

Goal: The goal of OtherWordly is to match associated words.

Primary Audience: The game serves tailored content for three audiences: (a) Adult, native English speakers; (b) Non-native speakers, for whom the game has adaptive vocab difficulty; and (c) Kids ages 6-12.

Assessment Approach: For native English speakers, accuracy %’s reported after each level, and the player can recap each shot they made or missed, and see the meaning of each word. For non-native English speakers, the game continually evaluates the player’s statistically-likely vocabulary size, and modulates/adapts the vocabulary difficulty to suit them.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System: Android/iOS