Ninja Kitchen
niiiiiiiiiiiiiiinja kitch

By New Mexico State University

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2011 Finlalist


Skills and Ideas Taught:  Players learn to cook and store food to the proper temperature, avoid raw food contamination, and proper food preparation skills such as washing food and hands.

Goal or Challenge:  Players must serve and prepare food appropriately, safely and quickly, serving as many customers as possible, while keeping customers healthy, happy and free from foodborne illness.

Primary Audience:  Middle school youth (grades 6-8).

Assessment Approach:  Players must master one level before moving to the next.  The game rewards players for successfully moving to the next level as well as unlocking new techniques and abilities that allow more efficiency and effectiveness.

Description:  Ninja Kitchen is an addictive restaurant serving game based on food safety principles. It is simple and accessible in its early screens but fiendishly complex in later levels. Each level brings new challenges as the masked alter-ego leaps from refrigerator to sink and oven to counter, tossing plates to typical teenage clientele. If customers don’t receive food promptly, they storm out and if they are served contaminated food, they get ill.  Both are bad for business and keep the player from advancing in the game.

Game Engine:  Adobe Flash

Operating System:  Windows (Web delivered)

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None