Night of the Living Debt


By Learning Games Lab at New Mexico State University


Business Category

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Description: Zombies and debts have a lot in common. Stay on your toes, and you should be able to handle them. In Night of the Living Debt, manage your finances or be eaten alive by bad credit. Use a credit card, get college loans, buy a car, rent a house: It’s your decision.

Night of the Living Debt is excellent for group learning activities or in the classroom. Designed for high schoolers, it is also suitable for youth or adults interested in learning about credit issues and debt.

Skills and Ideas Taught: Managing debt, credit, and income. Considering how decisions about schooling, transportation and housing affect your financial health.

Goal or Challenge: Maintain good financial health during a zombie outbreak. Making decisions about housing, schooling, and transportation affects your ability to scavenge for supplies, your debt load and your ability to pay off zombie creditors.

Primary Audience: Players ages 15-18

Assessment Approach: A health meter, which determines how much time and energy the player can spend scavenging each round, and a creditscore that signals financial stability.

Game Engine: SpriteKit and Objective-C

Operating System:  iOS 8.1 or later

Platform: iPad

Special Hardware:  None