Nevermind_ScreenShot_4 (1) Nevermind

By University of Southern California

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Skills and Ideas Taught:  Stress management.

Goal or Challenge:Explore a terrifying world while learning how to actively manage your stress and anxiety levels “on the fly.”

Primary Audience:  Users 18 and older who are interested in horror games and/or self improvement.

Assessment Approach: The game reacts to perceived fear and stress within the player (as detected by the biofeedback sensor) by making the experience more difficult. Conversely, as soon as the game perceives the player relaxing, it returns to its default, easier state.

Description: Nevermind isa psychological horror game set within the minds of psychological trauma patients that uses biofeedback sensor technology to help the player learn how to better manage his or her stress levels.Nevermind is more than just a game –it’s an ongoing challenge to become stronger and braver than you ever thought you could be.

Game Engine: Unity 3D

Operating System:  Windows 7

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None