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Skills and Ideas Taught:  Verbal communication is a key component to the game, allowing players to do better the more they speak to one another. The players need to shift from their egoistic goals and competitive game play to cooperative play styles. The game is designed to be used in educational settings.

Goal or Challenge: Each player controls lava sprites in the earth’s core which are in charge of turning the world. Both players have individual goals in the game. These goals are unique to each player and the game emphasizes it. Players will play the game pushing for their own goal, which if played well will cause the world to spin too fast. When the world spins too fast, at this crucial moment the game will hint about communication to the players. Players will learn that communication is key and that pushing for their own goal is not the way to achieving the main objective, the common goal. Which is visible from the beginning of the game. In fact, they will have to learn that the way to win would be to sacrifice their own individual goals to achieve something greater.

Primary Audience:  Young adults who are entering the business world.

Assessment Approach: The positive result of the game (both players win) can only be reached when the players learn how to cooperate. A study on the impacts of the game is in process at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Description: The Movers & Shakers is a two-player tablet game that aims to create meaningful conflict between its players. The earth has slowed down, and the players must manage their lava sprites in the center of the earth so they can get it turning again. The game play experience is unique to each pair of players, as it attempts to explore issues of modern office environments and leadership dynamics through asymmetrical game play and subversive elements. Will you save the world, or lead it to destruction?

Game Engine:  Unity

Operating System:  Android 2.0 and up

Platform:  Mobile

Special Hardware:  None