Modern Air PowerModernAirPower

By John Tiller Software








2006 Finalist


Skills and Ideas Taught:  Principles of modern air warfare.

Goal or Challenge:  Players practice skills learned through “Capstone Scenarios”.

Primary Audience:  Air Force officers

Assessment Approach:  Players are assessed on their knowledge of what they learn in “Flight School” scenarios through a “Capstone Scenario” which combines several of the basic tasks into a single scenario.

Description:  Modern Air Power is a real-time simulation of modern air campaigns from the time of the Vietnam War to present day and the future. Modern Air Power presents a top-down view of a conflict and provides a combination of manual and automated control of flights and other resources. Users can play against the computer using a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence feature, either individually or as a team, and can play head-to-head against other human players over a network or the Internet.

Game Engine:  Unknown

Operating System:  Windows

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None