Mobile MOUT
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By Training Brain Operations Center  Systems Integration, Modeling, and Simulations

Government Category









2011 Finalist


Skills and Ideas Taught:  Players learn proper room clearing techniques based on Army Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) training.

Goal or Challenge:  The goals are to successfully navigate a shoot-house, engage friendly and enemy targets, and follow stack assignment.

Primary Audience:  Soldiers in training and line unit soldiers.

Assessment Approach:  Players receive immediate visual feedback along with a post game scoring summary.  The reward system is based on a high score point system, achievements for specific play, and unlockable weapons.

Description:  Mobile MOUT is a first person shooter that trains the player in the correct technique for using a squad to clear a room.  Features include detailed scoring system, unlockable bonus weapons and a progressive ranking system.

Game Engine:  Unity

Operating System:  Android 2.2

Platform:  Android phone or tablet

Special Hardware:  None