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2010 Finalist



Skills and Ideas Taught:  Knowledge of careers, life challenges and transferable skills.

Goal or Challenge:  Players must respond to individual challenges with the aim to reach retirement with the happiest and most fulfilled life possible.

Primary Audience:  Young people 11-14 years who want to find out more about career options.

Assessment Approach:  Players are measured on their happiness, wealth, number of jobs taken, achievements and videos watched which is displayed in the global leader boards and gauged by their responses to life challenges.  These variables are shown in the player’s life graph and can be matched up to friend’s graphs for comparison.

Description:  MeTycoon is a serious-game encouraging players to explore and develop their virtual life, where actions directly affect their prosperity, achievements and happiness.  Players can choose between studying, hobbies and different careers, as well as shopping, improving personal skills, watching videos, managing their expenses, completing challenges, and competing with others to rise to the top.  MeTycoon enhances young people’s ability to think about careers, find out about different types of work, get to grips with transferable skills, and discover the changing nature of the jobs market.

Game Engine: Flash

Operating System:  Windows/Mac

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None