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In the MedSurg game, the nurse is required to manage multiple patients throughout a simulated shift. On a regular basis, a nurse assesses the patient’s overall condition by measuring vital signs, focused questioning, and observation of the patient and takes appropriate measures to ensure successful recovery. This helps to minimize post-operative complications. The Med-Surg Game allows target learners to practice identifying, documenting, and communicating a rapidly failing patient’s condition, and to take necessary actions to improve the patient’s situation to avoid digression into a situation that necessitates an emergency response team activation or ‘code’.

Skills and Ideas Taught: The game was designed to practice cognitive skills in developing routines of procedural skills and to train proper actions in certain nursing situations.

Goal or Challenge: The goal of the MedSurg game is give an effective means at practicing skills needed to ensure successful recovery of patients.

Primary Audience: RN, LPN, ACRNP, Nursing Assistants, MSA’s

Assessment Approach: The player is evaluated based on procedural accuracy, proper communication of information, and correct intervention procedures, earning badges at the completion of levels. After the completion of all levels, the leaner is required to complete a 10 question, multiple choice quiz.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System: Web, Firefox

Platform: PC

Special Hardware:  None