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Description: We propose a new immersive and cost-effective tool for training. MedRoom is a VR platform for almost any kind of medical training: from anatomy studies, to patient care and minor surgeries. We recreate medical environments such as a surgery room, where we place a patient with a challenge for the user to solve. He may study the human body or train how to execute a venous access, orotracheal intubation, or even surgical procedures.

Skills and Ideas Taught: Decision-making, spatial visualization, stress control, memorization

Goal or Challenge: The goal is to optimize medical training in order to achieve better performance when using other simulators or even when treating a patient. The player have to follow and execute procedures well enough to keep the virtual patient alive and to solve its problems.

Primary Audience: Students from health courses, college level, 18+

Assessment Approach: By exploring the environment and performing procedures in a hands-on perspective.

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Operating System: Windows 10

Platform: PC

Special Hardware: Nvidia 1070/1080 and Oculus Rift and Touch