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By IT University of Copenhagen

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Skills and Ideas Taught:  Logical structures building the foundations of procedural literacy and problem-solving skills.

Goal or Challenge: Repairing machines by solving logical puzzles.

Primary Audience:  Children 10 to 14, both sexes.

Assessment Approach: A metric system is implemented to assess the completion time of each puzzle and the use of the scaffolds. The game is not based on behaviourism or drill-and-practice, therefore the data needs subsequent analysis.(has been tested with 21 kids of the target group)

Description: Machineers is a 2D puzzle adventure game set in a quirky robotic world inspired by Machinarium. The main character, Zola, is starting her first day as an apprentice in Hayden’s repair shop. The inhabitants of the amusement park town need her help to fix their machines. Machineersis based on a unique combination of stealth learning and experiential learning. The game is not advertised as educational to the player in order to avoid a biased mindset and enables the learner to actively construct knowledge by interacting with the game elements representing the learning content.

Game Engine:  Unity 3D

Operating System:  Windows/MAC

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None