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Skills and Ideas Taught: Players learn how to control and strengthen the muscles needed to manipulate the prosthetic arms that they will receive. The games uses the same hardware that is inside the prosthetic, only instead of sending messages to the motors in the arm, it send messages to the games. This prepares recipients of the prosthetics to use them prior to thefinal units being built for them.

Goal or Challenge: Training the reaction time and endurance of muscles in the arm of a prosthetic user.

Primary Audience: Players can be all ages. We recently ran a test of these games at an arm fitting with kids as young as 7 and adults in their 30s. The games were designed to have mass appeal across ages and genders.

Assessment Approach: Depending upon the minigame in the collection, players are presented with score, fun visuals, and audio cues based on their input to the system.

Description: Limbitless training games is a series of Unity games housed in a standalone launcher. Each game is activated with use of an EMG controller, and the overall goal is to train the effectiveness and endurance of atrophied muscles in amputees. Limbitless is a charity organization focused on making durable, affordable prosthetics at no cost to the recipient. These games were made in conjunction with their efforts to help get prosthetics made for those that can not afford them.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System:  Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Platform: PC

Special Hardware:  EMG controller