Knowledge QuestKQ2_Layer-9

By Media Saints

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Skills and Ideas Taught:  The focus of the game is the acquisition and practice of English language skills. Areas covered in depth are Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension.

Goal or Challenge: To use your knowledge of English to defeat opponents and overcome obstacles. To resolve quests through the application of English language skills, and in doing so, increasing your knowledge and strength of the English language.

Primary Audience:  For schools, students in years 7 and 8, and their teachers. For general public, primarily 10-15 year olds but also anyone who needs to sharpen their English skills and enjoys games.

Assessment Approach: As part of the game there is also a Teachers Portal that allows class teachers to monitor how and where the students are performing well and where they are struggling. The focus is not on the player to feel pressured to succeed, instead for them to participate and enjoy the learning process through the game.

Description: Knowledge Quest English is an immersive side-scrolling Role Playing Game that presents core English skills in a way never done previously. Guided by a cast of quirky but unique characters, players get taught core skills in English through a variety of means, from environmental challenges to overcome, to dueling monsters they may encounter on their journeys, and even NAPLAN (Australian) styled testing all driven by a compelling storyline. The game is scalable for future features and built with the intention of being deployed across multiple regions globally incorporating local curriculum content where required.

Game Engine: Media Saints Customized Citrus Engine (Flash AS3)

Operating System:  Windows (Web delivered)

Platform:Browser based/Flash (Recommended usage Flash version 10 +)

Special Hardware:  None