AMC Joint Inspection Simulator

Category: Government

Company: USAF Expeditionary Operations School

Description: JI simulator is a game-based simulation that trains students in cargo inspection and preparation to ensure safe shipping on an aircraft.

Skills and Ideas Taught: JI simulator is a serious game developed to teach and reinforce the concepts of Joint Inspection. JI simulator uses cargo and environments that could be presented in a real-world situation to teach and evaluate a user’s ability to accomplish Joint Inspection procedures. Users can select from pre-configured scenarios with cargo that would be shipped on a specific aircraft, or a free play scenario with cargo of their choosing. The cargo will then be presented on a flight line and the user must identify properly prepared cargo or cargo with discrepancies such as a flat tire, hazardous materials, missing documentation, etc. In order to identify these items, the user will fill their feedback in a ‘2133’ form and present it to an Increment Monitor in the scenario, who will then give immediate feedback on the items identified and fix any discrepancies. Upon completion of the inspection the users will sign off on their ‘2133’ form to complete their scenario and review their AAR.

Goal: The goal of JI Simulator is to ensure that all the cargo presented is in the correct state to be shipped. This entails inspecting the cargo’s exterior, interior, documentation, and any additional equipment present on the cargo and identifying what needs to be fixed to pass inspection.

Primary Audience: US Air Force personnel or students training to be proficient in cargo inspection procedures, typically over 18 years old.

Assessment Approach: Upon completing an inspection, detailed guidance is provided in an After Action Review (AAR) for what was correctly identified and fixed on the cargo pieces or missed. This allows users to self-assess and improve on subsequent attempts or play-throughs. As users identify discrepancies or correctly presented cargo, they mark these items on an accompanying ‘2133’ form. This form is then presented to an Increment Monitor and given immediate feedback on what was marked correctly or incorrectly. If discrepancies are correctly identified these fixes will instantly be reflected onto the cargo being inspected.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System: Web/Windows 10