How To Enter The SGS&C Challenge

NEW: The submissions for the 2019 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge open August 1st!

Thinking about submitting your game ?  Download the SGS&C Official Rules, review the FAQs and read on for an overview and then fill out the Intent to Submit Form:

To qualify for The Challenge, game entries must:

  • Have clearly defined, measurable learning objectives
  • Provide players with a clearly identified challenge/problem
  • Make use of gaming technology
  • Provide players with positive/negative feedback with respect to progress toward the game’s challenge and achievement of learning objectives
  • Be original games (as opposed to novel uses of existing games)
  • NOT be modifications to existing games
  • Be intended for an audience of 12 years of age (US 6th grade) or older.

Acceptable Platforms

  • Windows (Windows 7 or higher)
  • Apple iOS (version 12.x or higher)*
  • Android phone (version 8.x or higher)*
  • Android tablet (version 8.x or higher)*
  • Mobile Web (any mobile browser capable of supporting HTML5 and JavaScript)
  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Rift
  • HoloLens
  • Windows Mixed Reality Devices
  • Other platforms may be accommodated but these will fall under the rules as a special device. This means that the entrant should be prepared to provide at least one pre-loaded device for initial game evaluation, and up to ten total devices if the game should make finalist to support industry evaluation.

* SGS&C will accommodate mobile device platforms with at least 16 GB storage memory and 2 GB RAM or more.

Student Entry Requirements Clarification

Student entries are designed to recognize the work of actual students. Games developed by professional developers or faculty members at a university are not considered eligible to enter the student category.  Student entries are expected to be created by students. The student team must be comprised of students that were enrolled in middle school, high school, college or trade‐school for majority of the development process. The team must not have employed professional developers who were not students. Faculty members can be advisers to student teams, but the bulk of the work must have been done by the students.

If your game was developed at a University (public or private) and was developed by a non-student team, your game is considered to qualify only as a Business Entry.

For guidance needed on the submissions process, please contact us at