Target Audience: General Audience

Company: University of Applied Science Trier

Description: HoloBrand is a colocated multiplayer augmented reality business wargame where users will learn about product market placement.

Skills and Ideas Taught: The game motivates the required data preparation step by factor analysis and encourages theoretical analysis to boost decision making.

Goal: HoloBrand tries to make a relatively complex numerical model reasonably intuitive to understand by turning it into a competitive game in which relatively simple numerical calculations can be used to augment the decision-making process. The game contains several scenarios with different action possibilities for market product placement and other optimization criteria (wealth or profit). Winning criteria for a mission can either be to have reached a specific value or to be the best player.

Primary Audience: Business student in the Economics department taking a Marketing course for mass-market consumer products

Assessment Approach: The game measures the player’s skills by success or failure of the total 24 missions, dependent on the criteria set.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 11. Clients run on HoloLens2 and Meta Quest 2