By University of Utah


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Skills and Ideas Taught:  Clear vision and more organize work between the two eyes.

Goal or Challenge:  Diagnosis and treat lazy eye through completing a set of stages in 2.5D shooting game.

Primary Audience:  Kids and adults with lazy eye.

Assessment Approach:  The treatment process comes by giving a variation sizes of the characters. At the same time given different direction using AI for enemies to attack the player from different direction. Forcing the player to look all over the screen.

Description:  We will correct and train the weak muscles responsible for amblyopia or “lazy eye.” We are using hardware that tracks player’s eye movement and adding a game play element to traditional eye exercises. We are also working with multiple eye care professionals including an Eye Surgeon at the University of Utah hospital and the CEO of Tobii, eye-tracking hardware suppliers, whose son suffers from lazy eye. In talking with our network of eye care professionals we learned that current techniques of eye strengthening are boring and compliance, especially among children, is very low.

Game Engine: Unity3d

Operating System:  Windows

Platform:  Personal Computer

Special Hardware:  Tobii Eye tracker