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By McGraw-Hill Education

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2012 Best Special Emphasis Winner


Skills and Ideas Taught:  Politicking, compromise, teamwork, leadership, communication. Any of the skills that make a good politician are involved in this game.

Goal or Challenge: The goal of the game is to obtain more ‘political capital’ than your classmates. Of course, the bigger-picture goal is for students to more fully understand how the American government functions.

Primary Audience:  Professors and students of the college-level Introduction to American Government course, which is required for nearly all students across the country.

Assessment Approach: Political Capital’ is the measure of a student’s success in the game; this is comprised of awareness, approval and influence bars. Every action in the game will positively or negatively affect one’s influence bar, for example. This change, along with the changes to awareness and approval, feed into your ‘Political Capital’ score. In addition, students are required to answer an end-of-turn question, explaining the logic behind their actions for that turn. These responses can be captured by the professor.

Description: Government in Action is a Muzzy Lane product made for college freshmen taking Introduction to American Government. A completely unique product in the market, Government in Action places students in the shoes of a congressperson who must run for election and pass legislation. Students compete against each other for ‘political capital,’ the game’s cumulative score; all the while, they are learning how our government works as a whole, which is instructor’s main goal for the course.

Game Engine: Muzzy Lane Software

Operating System:  PC / Mac / Tablet

Platform:  PC & Mobile

Special Hardware:  None