Government Finalists

The following finalists in the Government category are sorted by year and include links to the game’s page on this website and the organization’s home page. Any awards won by the finalist are also listed.

YearGame TitleOrganization Award
2008Direct ActionCanadian Armed ForcesPeople’s Choice
2008GeoCommanderSPAWAR Systems CommandGovernment
2008On Scene CommanderSwedish Rescue Service
2009Computer Based Corpsman Training SystemRDECOM-STTCGovernment, People’s Choice
2009Procurement Fraud Indicator Mini GameDAU
2009Virtual Cultural Awareness TrainerUSJFCOM-JKDDC
2010Moonbase AlphaNASAGovernment
2010Invasion Prevention Corporation’s Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) TrainerDAU
2010Boarders Ahoy! The Maritime Interdiction GameNATO ACTPeople’s Choice
2012CorrSimDoD Office of Corrosion
2012Cross-Cultural Competence Trainer (3CT)Joint Knowledge Online, Joint Staff J-7 Government
2013Burden of ProofFederal Bureau of Investigation
2013Decisive CombatSingapore Armed Forces Centre for Leadership DevelopmentGovernment
2013GORRDEEUS Army PdM-Ground ManeuverMobile
2014Czechoslovakia 38-89Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic
2014Eagle EyeUS Army PdM-Ground ManeuverMobile, People’s Choice
2014Strike Group DefenderOffice of Naval ResearchGovernment
2015Badayer RacingDubai Police
2015Crash Cart CountdownVHA SimLearn
2015MUM-T StrikeforceUS Army PdM-Tactical Unmanned Aircraft SystemsGovernment, People’s Choice
2015Sensitive Site ExploitationCTTSO TSWG
2016Crime Scene InvestigationDubai Police
2016U.S. Army STARS-ElementsArmy Game StudioMobile, Student’s Choice, People’s Choice
2016USC Standard PatientUSC ICT/US ARLGovernment
2017Charge NurseVeterans Health Administration, Employee Education System
2017MedSurgVeterans Health Administration, Employee Education System
2017Tactical Combat Casualty Care Simulation – WebArmy Research Laboratory/HRED-STTC
2017Goals of Care ConversationsVeterans Health Administration, Employee Education SystemGovernment
2018Difficult Airway Algorithm and Rescue Cricothyrotomy (DAARC)Veterans Health Administration, Employee Education SystemGovernment
2019TalonUS Army PEO Aviation Utility Helicopter Project Office UH60People’s Choice
2019Chain of Command: Capture the SeaNaval Information Warfare Command: PMW-120Government
2019ContagionNaval Postgraduate School Department of Defense Analysis and Global ECCO
2019NATO Children and Armed ConflictNATO ACT
2019U.S. Army STARS AnatomyArmy Game Studio