By US Army PdM-Ground Maneuver

Government Category


2013 People’s Choice Award & Best Mobile Game Award Winner


Skills and Ideas Taught:  Fundamentals of Reconnaissance is the overall training concept.  The player learns to gain and maintain enemy contact, report all activity observed, provide over-watch and direction to supported units, and provide continuous reconnaissance.

Goal or Challenge:  Players must complete the scenario-based tasks, abbreviated with the acronym “GORRDEE,” necessary to perform US Army reconnaissance missions.

Primary Audience:  RQ-7B Shadow operators and trainees.

Assessment Approach:  Learning is measured through scenario-based training, immersive activities, and a simulated capstone exercise, which encompasses all of the content presented within the instruction.  Each step will be locked until the player passes the objective.  After completing the GORRDEE steps, the player has an opportunity to self-assess their understanding of the content with a check-on-learning. An after action review (AAR) at the end of the capstone allows the player to isolate their deficiencies and highlight strengths.

Description:  GORRDEE is a fielded mobile training application that leverages high-fidelity real w orld graphics and virtual environments into Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) training for the U. S. Army’s Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) RQ-7B Shadow platform. This immersive operator trainer is a learner-centric game that situates the player in the role of a Shadow operator, performing the fundamentals of reconnaissance as defined by GORRDEE training. This scouting trainer is presented with one hour of IMI Level I-III self-paced instruction, and a 30-minute game-based IMI Level IV capstone exercise, which is designed to develop and enhance the operator’s critical decision making skills.

Game Engine:  Unity

Operating System:  Android

Platform:  Android tablet

Special Hardware:  None