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2006 People’s Choice Award


Skills and Ideas Taught:  Allows players to practice US Army mission planning, training, rehearsal and after action review.

Goal or Challenge:  Players join teams and cooperate in competitive exercises against each other.

Primary Audience:  US Army soldiers

Assessment Approach:  Players participate in an After Action Review (AAR) of the game play between themselves or with an instructor.

Description:  Game DIS (GDIS) is a military training application using the 3D Gaming Engine that powers Half-Life®2. The application is fully configurable and allows: multiplayer participation over standard internet connection; AAR support for spectators and instructors to participate and play along with playback; alternate outcomes for AAR participation with “smart bots” and live unit animations; integration of standard DIS tools such as CERDEC’s C2 Mobile Intelligent Net-Centric Computing System (C2MINCS); and, support for man-wearable embedded training and mission rehearsal as demonstrated for Spiral C of Army Aerial Assault Expeditionary Force Experiment.

Game Engine:  3D Gaming Engine

Operating System:  Windows

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None