FRS Virtual Team


By Florida Hospital


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Skills and Ideas Taught: The instructional content and decision points are based on the widely used TeamSTEPPS curriculum (Safny et al, Feb2011; Thomas and Galla, May 2013) and WHO checklists for surgery (WHO, June 2008). This material was then modified for application in a robotic OR environment.

Goal or Challenge: The primary challenge of the game is that the player must overcome several patient safety situations using effective communication techniques.

Primary Audience:  Robotic surgeons

Assessment Approach: The player is presented with individual situations in which they must choose how to correctly respond to their team. The player is presented with similar situations throughout all scenarios, with progressively less guidance. The player’s learning is measured by the number of correct responses chosen, which are based on TeamSTEPPS principles.

Description: FRS Virtual Team is a virtual operating room for robotic surgeons to practice effective and safe team communication techniques.

Game Engine: Unreal

Operating System:  Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Platform: Windows

Special Hardware:  None