DefendingEnergy Wars – Rise of the Chimera

By Queen’s University

Student Category










2009 Finalist



Skills and Ideas Taught: How building upgrades work, and how various types of mis-use and damage cost energy and other resources.

Goal or Challenge:  Players compete by acquiring campus buildings and improving the building’s energy use and sustainability through upgrades.

Primary Audience:  Students of sustainability.

Assessment Approach:  Players earn positive currency rewards when they succeed in bringing the buildings up to “green” status, which can in turn be spent on more upgrades.  The game is based on area exploration, upgrades to buildings and their surrounds, and upgrades to player tools.

Description:  Energy Wars – Rise of the Chimera is a game where players balance capturing tricksters who are damaging an urban area with fixing those urban features to generate green revenue and to prevent future damage.

Game Engine:  Warcraft III

Operating System:  Windows

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None