Empires & Interconnections

Target Audience: General Audience

Company: Northwestern University in Qatar

Description: Empires & Interconnections is a groundbreaking iPad app designed to ignite curiosity and engagement in history education. Leveraging the power of narrative storytelling and interactive features, this app offers a compelling deep-dive into the transformative era between 1450-1750. It boasts a range of immersive elements like 360 panoramas, animated illustrations, and choose-your-own-adventure experiences. Created for the digital native, the app aligns with AP World History curriculum and aims to make history not just informative but also irresistibly intriguing. By blending top-tier pedagogy with interactive technology, Empires & Interconnections for iPad revolutionizes the way history is taught and learned.

Skills and Ideas Taught: Empires & Interconnections teaches players critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills through historical analysis. The game fosters a nuanced understanding of historical events, politics, and culture from 1450-1750. It also encourages empathy by presenting multiple perspectives and diverse narratives. Additionally, the game enhances players’ visual and textual literacy skills, as they must interpret maps, read primary sources, and analyze historical data to make informed decisions. Overall, the game aims to make history relevant and engaging, enriching players’ civic understanding and global awareness.

Goal: The goal of Empires & Interconnections is to ignite a deep-seated curiosity for learning history by immersing students in pivotal events and personalities of the period 1450-1750. The challenge is to navigate through complex historical scenarios, make informed decisions based on historical evidence, and deepen understanding of the interconnections between empires, cultures, and individuals during this transformative era.

Assessment Approach: The player’s learning is assessed through a combination of in-game quizzes, decision-making scenarios, and interactive timelines that require the application of previously acquired knowledge. The game offers immediate feedback on the player’s choices and quiz answers, reinforcing correct information and providing explanations for any mistakes. In-game achievements and badges are also used to track progress and mastery of key historical events, concepts, and skills. This multi-faceted approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter while allowing players to see their growth and areas for improvement in real-time.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating Systems: iOS for iPad

Primary Audience: The primary intended audience for Empires & Interconnections is middle and high school students, particularly those enrolled in AP World History courses. However, the app is designed to be versatile, also catering to educators, history enthusiasts, and lifelong learners interested in a rich, multimodal approach to history.